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Design Challenge #71 + Game Development Update

Design Challenge #71 + Game Development Update

The second challenge of the year is here. We take advantage of this to update you with some news regarding game development.

As you might have noticed, there haven't been any references to the game's updates in the previous MRC News article about deadlines. This is because we have been focused on polishing the new user interface, taking into account all of the suggestions you made and the feedback you gave us on the Google Form we enabled at the end of last season. You can still do this, by the way.

The main target is to finish all the pages remaining after we have completed rally broadcasting last week. We would say we are very near completion, so the next task will be slowly transitioning to the new UI in order to guarantee that not many people get lost by the differences between one version and another, and also that you can start getting used to the modern interface. After the final product is 100% done, we will start promoting it before and after opening it to the general public. And that is the moment when some major gameplay upgrades will come into place. We want to thank you for your support and patience with us for so long. Now we can say that 'there is light at the end of the tunnel'.

Only one change has been made to the game and it is related to the loss of training at age 37, which has been slowed down to make drivers more competitive in CART for a few seasons.


1. WINNER - Pollie (Netherlands) - 18 likes - Red Bull Racing
Check this design!
Received 200 coins + rare car + honour to the profile

3. EduardoPereira (Brazil) - 15 likes - Haas F1 Team
Check this design!
Received 100 coins.

3. JordiMontané (Spain) - 13 likes - Williams Racing
Check this design!
Received 50 coins.


Information is key in today's world, and even though we are increasingly transitioning to digital, it is never a bad thing to remember where we come from. This month your task will be to honour the newspaper you prefer. It doesn't matter whether it's sports-related (like Gazzetta dello Sport) or about anything in general (The New York Times), so take your Formula 4 cars for better results and start painting!

To participate you have to paint your car, helmet and livery with the requested theme in the game, then click on the share button on the garage screen which will generate an image with all 3 items and that is what you have to share.

If you want to participate you need to generate your share image and publish it as a COMMENT on the relevant post on Facebook which you'll find HERE.
The winner will be decided by the number of likes on the comment.

1. Special competition honour to user profile, rare private car and 200 coins
2. 100 coins
3. 50 coins

Deadline is February 29th!


Following consultation on the forum, it has been agreed that Design winners will NOT be eligible for next month's prizes UNLESS there are less than 3 participants on the monthly challenge. This has been designed in order to encourage more players to participate and get prizes, and it is an amendment to the Boczy rule, which prevents Design winners from winning in consecutive months.

This means that, for this month, Pollie will not be eligible for prizes in February, and so on.

Rules reminder - click here.

by nicorz
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