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New Season Series System

New Season Series System

Hey everyone!

As we announced just over a month ago, we have decided to reform the current My Racing Career season series system. First of all, we would like to clarify that some of the changes (mainly concerning the series rating) won't be available until the last week of competition, as making them now would disrupt the current editions of those series.

That being said, here is the new structure of the system (click on the image to see it full size):

As you can see, we have significantly reduced the number of series. In the previous article, we said that we would eliminate the regional Formula 4 series, but for season 57 we have still left some of them, either because we don't want to leave some countries without participation or because the series in question is usually successful. We have also created some new series to ‘group’ some of the previous ones, as is the case of the F3 and F4 International Series.

The two big changes are the addition of completely new series and adjustments to the rating and category of several existing series.
- In the first case, we have the Dirt Racing League, which will be run on dirt ovals with the Late Model cars. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the US community for all their help and willingness to help us organise this championship. The World Prototype Series also joins the WEC Hypercars and the IMSA GTPs, which could be the starting point for races with driver changes in the future.
- Regarding the latter, many of the series have received rating (and entry fee) changes, most of which have been requested by the forum community over the last few years. Others have also had age restrictions included.

In the F4 National series, you will see that it says ‘managed by X NMA’, where X is the name of the country in question. This competence is added to the management of the National Motorsport Associations, which with this ‘privilege’ will be able to configure the calendar and the format of each Grand Prix (qualifying system, duration of races...) of their country's season series, among other things. This panel should be ready from next season onwards, so any changes would affect season 58.

To reduce monotony, we will also revamp the schedules of all season series, either to adapt them to their real counterpart or simply for the sake of variety. For those series that are run by a National Association, a post will be created on these countries' forums in the following days for the corresponding communities to determine their calendar for season 57 (in case they wish to do so, otherwise the MRC Team will modify them).

Some of you may be wondering, ‘what if I was/am registered for a series that doesn't appear in the new system?’. We have tried to distribute the drivers by geographical criteria, although in several cases the scope of the series was so large that it might not quite ‘fit’ at all. Below is a list of the new series to which the deleted ones correspond:

- F3 North America = US Formula Pro
- F3 Africa = F3 International
- F3 Asia = F3 International
- F3 Oceania = F3 International
- F3 Central European = Euro F3 Open
- F4 Alpine = F4 Central European
- F4 Balkan = F4 Eastern Europe
- F4 Czechoslovak = F4 Central European
- F4 Nordic = F4 Finland
- F4 Southeast Asia = F4 International
- F4 American = US Formula Junior
- F4 Australian = F4 International
- F4 Dutch = F4 Central European
- TCS Northern = TCS Europe
- NASC Canada = NASC CaMex
- NASC Mexico = NASC CaMex
- Moto3 Junior = Moto3
- American Rally = International Rally
- Asia Pacific Rally = International Rally
- African Rally = International Rally

Finally, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are changes that you won't see until the end of the season, just as some series will be added to the site (or removed) in the remaining weeks. That is the case with NASC CaMex, Dirt Racing League, and the World Prototype Series. The first one is ready, but the other two are either missing templates or we need to finish some details. At the same time, some logos currently in the game are temporary and will be replaced in the coming days, while others will be corrected for proper display in both interfaces.

The season series system will be reviewed every season and, if necessary, will be adjusted according to the activity in the game. From the second half of this year, the natural thing would be to grow in number of active users, as the time approaches to switch to the new interface. In that case, we would re-incorporate some of the discontinued series. In any case, the activity in the game will not affect the addition of completely new series (like Dirt or the prototypes in season 57).

And that's all for today. What do you think of these changes? For any feedback, suggestions, or questions, write a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible :)

by nicorz
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