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Changes for Season 57 + Design Challenge #76

Changes for Season 57 + Design Challenge #76

Before the season ends, here's what you need to know about the new content we've prepared for the game!

Hey everyone!

A bit later than usual, but here comes your seasonal My Racing Career news article with all things coming to the game. For time reasons, and after DebiK published the last "creator's blog" in mid-June, this press release will be pretty short in length and very direct in what is new, so let's get started.

The promised reform to the season series system has been mostly completed, as we are just missing the Dirt Racing League due to programming/coding issues. This series will be ready in season 58. We will also wait to add the tool that allows National Motorsport Associations to modify their season series for the same reason.

Apart from this, we want to thank johnrafael and jeansapia, who have helped us to give a fresher look to the series logos so they look nice in the new UI.

For more details on what has been changed, please check the article we released at the end of May related to the new season series system.

During the season, the Game Design team has been discussing what changes should we make to other seasonal series, and this is where the Nations Cup comes in. To bring additional action on the track and shuffle the field a bit, we have decided to invert the 'top 10' of the starting grid on Sundays.

We believe there is enough time to get back to the lead before the race finishes. As it is affecting the long race, we are not going to configure a reduced points system. However, we will pay attention to how this works throughout season 57 in case any modifications are needed.

Bot drivers will now use a better selection of tactics for qualification, instead of very conservative risks as they did until now. They will also have better strategies for the races (extra pitstop possible, randomly added laps for stints for possible overcuts, more reasonable risks...).

In season series and single races (not quick ones), bots will perform practice laps and have a better setup, besides having all 50 parameters. At the same time, bot drivers who race in season series will have boosted attributes depending on series level, so it is not automatic anymore that average drivers will beat them easily.

In rallies, bots will now select the correct tyres for weather and surface.

We have been asked a few times this week about what happens now that both engine and gearbox coin tosses came out negative. In very few words, the gearbox random allotment will be repeated next season, while the new engine needs to be ready in season 60. The development will be available starting on day 1 of season 58.

- Updated payment methods for PayPal (€5 and €10).
- Club tyre sets have been reduced from 6 to 4.
- The Radical SR3 has been set as the new car for the Trophy of Champions.
- New templates have been implemented for Indy and Indy Junior cars.



1. WINNER - petroclaus (Nigeria) - 20 likes - Jazz & Heritage Fest
Check this design!
Received 200 coins + rare car + honour to the profile

3. toxykoff (Belgium) - 12 likes - Thunderdome
Check this design!
Received 100 coins.

3. KasperCederlund (Sweden) - 5 likes - Lollapalooza
Check this design!
Received 50 coins.


The 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris are starting this month, and so the topic is clear. You will have to do a livery about the Olympic Games, but as opposed to the last time we had the Olympiad as topic, this time the livery must be about Paris 2024. So who will be able to draw the best Paris 2024 livery?

To participate you have to paint your car, helmet and livery with the requested theme in the game, then click on the share button on the garage screen which will generate an image with all 3 items and that is what you have to share.

If you want to participate you need to generate your share image and publish it as a COMMENT on the relevant post on Facebook which you'll find HERE.
The winner will be decided by the number of likes on the comment.

1. Special competition honour to user profile, rare private car and 200 coins
2. 100 coins
3. 50 coins

Deadline is July 31st!

Full rules reminder - click here.

by nicorz
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