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Changes for Season 56, Season Series Deadlines and Create-A-Track Voting

Changes for Season 56, Season Series Deadlines and Create-A-Track Voting

It's time to give you some updates and remind you about season series deadlines!

Hey everyone!

Once again, here is your seasonal My Racing Career news article with all new things coming to the game in the next three months. Even if what follows is not as much as we would like, we are in the middle of the last stage of development of the new user interface, which we know has had mixed reactions from your side. Some say it's not as accessible as the current one, others say it has some bugs, while most people will simply not be used to it yet.

To calm things a little bit, we want to tell you that there will be a gradual move to the new UI instead of not being able to use the old one anymore. We are going to explain this in the future but we just want to let you know that it is not easy for us to make everyone happy. Bringing a lot of new people as well to make things more interesting in the game is another of our priorities.

We want to reach that next level soon, and this season has not been very productive inside the MRC Team, with some changes and some unexpected events, so we have decided to open a PHP Developer vacancy in our staff. This person will help DebiK to code the game and, for sure, as it is a hard task, it will be remunerated much better than a normal MRC Team member. If you have PHP programming knowledge and some free time, please, do not hesitate to apply via private message to me (nicorz). This is one of the most important moments in the history of My Racing Career and we can't do it without your help.

Now, onto other headlines...

Thanks to our new game designer, Pollie, we have added to the game more than 10 new private cars. We have created two new categories as well, CLASSIC 90 and P4 cars. This is the list of new additions:

- Volkswagen Beetle
- Citroën 2CV

- Ford Escort
- Lancia Delta
- Volkswagen Golf MK3
- Honda CRX
- Mazda MX-5
- Nissan Sunny

P4 (faster than P3, slower than SPORT A)
- BMW M1

- BMW M1 Procar (rare car)

- Radical SR3

All of them are now available. The idea is to keep expanding our list of private cars, so if you have any suggestions, they will always be welcome :)

Even if the rally and moto series are relatively recent in collective memory, it is quite clear that for the better of competition and our current user base, we need to make changes to the current system of season series. This is why we are announcing a huge reform to it starting season 57, which will include the deletion of all regional F4 series, the establishment of the 'Road to Indy' ladder from real life, or the addition of our first dirt and prototype car series. Some adjustments will also be made to series rating, while all Formula 3 series will become U25, among other things.

Our intention with this is to reduce the number of series where inactivity is the rule, as well as adapting other series to their real-life counterparts. It is not acceptable to have eighteen Formula 4 series, of which just four have more than 10 active users in the current season, and just one has more than 12. This occupies unnecessary server space, which is not what we need until we eventually remove the old interface.

The deadline for Create-A-Track finished yesterday, which means it’s time to choose your favourite entry. The voting period will be open until April 21st, 11.59pm CEST. You will be able to vote up to two tracks. The one with the most votes will be designed in the game. If there is a tie, then both winning tracks will be designed.

You can already check the proposals and vote HERE.

- Halos have been added to the Formula 4 cars.
- The number of sets of tyres has been reduced from 8 to 6 at the Indy Junior Series.
- Music City Grand Prix Circuit from the Indy Series has been replaced by Nashville Superspeedway, to adapt to real-life changes.



Day 72
- F1

Day 73
- Indy
- NASC Gold Cup
- World TCS
- TCS Europe
- Formula E
- Formula 2 World
- Moto 1

Day 74
- Indy Junior
- V8 Supercars
- World GT
- 911 Supercup
- Superb Formula
- Moto 2
- World Rally Series

Day 75
- F3 World
- Moto 3
- Moto E
- NASC Silver Cup
- World Rally Series 2
- Superbike World

Day 76
- F3 Continentals
- F3 Central European
- F4 Regionals
- TCS Regionals
- Moto 3 Junior
- World Rally Series 3
- World Rally Series Junior
- Superbike British & USA
- Rally Continentals

Day 77
- All remaining series not already mentioned

If you have not applied for any of the above for Season 56, then your driver will automatically be entered into the Rookie Series of their chosen path.


In case you want to help the game and have some advantages such as free Super License use as well as coin rewards for a job well done, we have a few vacancies in the MRC Team:
- PHP Developer.
- Translators for Slovak, Slovenian, Romanian, Indonesian and Arabian languages.
- Two socialmedia managers for Twitter, one for Instagram and one for Reddit.

For all the vacancies above, you can contact the MRC Team Leader, nicorz.

by nicorz
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