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News About Development 2011-06-20

News About Development 2011-06-20

Beta version launched! That is the only important news I want to tell you today. Read more info about what we want to do next in this article!

So, good news today. You have all eagerly waited for this day. I want to tell you more about what can you expect from the beta version of the game.
First of all you have to know, that the driver you can create today, can be your driver for the full version too. But if you are not happy with him, there will be the possibility to retire him and create another one. Of course you will lose all the results and rating, this option will be implemented soon.
There will be only single races in beta version. That means there will not be any championships or anything like that. There will be some super prestige races, like the first one in Monte Carlo, which anyone can join, but only best 30 will qualify for race. And of course there will be regular single races, with maximum 30 drivers joining the qualification and all of them will qualify for race. You will be able to take part in 1 race at the same time. After the race is done, you can join another one. The races will be generated automatically, so there will always be a race with free spots to join.
Based on the results of the races, your drivers will build their rating. This rating will be very helpful later, when we will start the championships, drivers with higher rating will have an advantage for participating in better series. So there is a lot at stake.
But don't worry. Even if you are not so successful during beta version, the system of a full version will allow you to compensate that quickly, because rating based on championship results will be much more important.
As I promised in last article, I will explain to you more about how the championships system in full version will work. During the first season there will be only Formula 3 championships. Inspired by the real world Formula 3, there will be one International F3 Series, which would be considered as the most prestige F3 series. There will be also continental series (Euro F3, Asian F3 and so on), and of course some regional and national F3 series (for example British F3 or Scandinavian F3). The drivers from the area will have better probability to get the spot in series, but as in real world, there will be also possibility to join series in different region. under this regional Formula 3 system, there will be also rookie F3 series, so everybody will have the chance to join a championship.
The offers to join championships will be based on a driver rating, so if you are doing well you can move from national series to international after a single season.
In the second season, we will start Formula 2 Championships. There will be international and continental series, similar to the system of F3. And in third season, we will start Formula 1. There will be only one Formula 1 Championship Series in the game and I will tell you more about it in another article. After finishing Formula 1,2,3 system, we will also add another series.
But for now let's hope everything goes fine in the beta version. During the coming days we want to work on your office screen, where you will be able to find all important tools to manage your racing career.

Words from the creator:
There is no timetable for launching the full version. This project is made to make fun for you, but I have a regular job (and a girlfriend too :D) so any improvements of the game are made in my free time, usually during weekends or evenings. I cannot guarantee any dates, but at least I can promise that I will do as much as possible to launch the full version as soon as possible :) I hope you can understand that. Let's have some fun in beta...

by DebiK
Translator: finald2012
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