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New User Interface, Changes and Deadlines for Season 54

New User Interface, Changes and Deadlines for Season 54

The new UI is here! Read for more details on it, as well as to know more about the changes we’ve made to the game for season 54 :)

Hey everyone!

Once more, here is your seasonal My Racing Career news article with all new things coming to the game. This one is very special for me personally, for the staff and for the entire game. After announcing it in March, we are very proud to announce that the new user interface is in a very advanced stage of development and is now ready to be used.

You can now access the new My Racing Career by clicking HERE.

As we stated in previous articles, the new UI has been designed to be compatible with PC and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc). However, even though you can already use it, it is still in beta version. This means that it is largely finished and perfectly playable, but it may contain bugs or be incomplete, so we would like to entrust you with the task of helping us get it ready for a final release.

For this, we have created a form that you should use both to report any bug you find and to suggest improvements, either visual or functional. What we want to achieve with this is to have the best possible product for you and for future new users of the game.

So, simply use the new interface as you would with the old one, except for some pages that are not ready yet, such as all those related to Formula 1 team management or race broadcasts (qualifying does work with the new timing). You will also have to keep logging in via the current UI for a while to keep your daily streaks going on. Apart from the visual change, we have changed a few things and added a few others, but I don't want to give you any spoilers and leave it up to you ;) we are very happy with the result, so we hope you like it as well!

Moving on to other headlines...

This is just an aesthetic improvement without much importance but which also needed a change. From now on there will be five different driver helmet models, three for the circuit path (current one included), and one each for the motorcycle and rally career paths. This means that you will have three different helmets depending on the type of races you compete in, apart from being able to select which of them will be your default helmet (the one shown up on the driver’s profile).

As we announced in the previous MRC News article, you can now sign up for the CART series! Even if we couldn’t do it as we wished, with you selecting the tracks that would be part of the calendar, we have tried to make it as classic as possible. The rest of the details also try to be as faithful as possible to how the championship used to be, with a variety of chassis and engines to choose from and the scoring system of its golden age. The minimum age for participation has finally been set at 35, which we think is more than reasonable as it is a series for veterans. There is no career path restriction, so we hope that those of you with drivers of that age will sign up and have a go at what was the pinnacle of North American open-wheel motorsport during the last decades of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. Fun is guaranteed.

Despite being a recurring theme, the feedback you give us regarding GT3, DTM, TCR and Supercars cars is still not ideal. Therefore, we have been deeply analysing why making minimal changes makes such big differences, leading us to include more parameters in the calculation of slipstream and overtaking distances. The changes we are making should lead to more realistic racing in terms of the above, however, we hope you understand that the new model we have implemented is new, redundantly, and that we are the first to understand it and fine-tune it as much as possible. This also does not mean that the races will be either full-grid relays or processions.

From next season we will have a new rally series, the African Rally Series, with the same characteristics as the other continental championships in this career path. On the other hand, the following modifications have been made:
- F1, Indy, Indy Junior, WRS1/2/3, Moto1/2/3, British SBK, Superbformula and Stock Car Brasil have been (or will be) adapted to their real 2024 calendars.
- Paul Ricard has been replaced by Mexico City in the F2 World calendar.
- The calendars of the European Rally Series and the Spanish Formula 4 have been revamped.
- Stock Car Brazil will be adapted to its real format, with two races per Grand Prix and a reverse top 10 in the second race. The points system will also be modified.


And that's it for today. During this year, the main focus of time and resources has been on the new interface, and as it is almost ready, we are starting to focus on other new features that will significantly affect the game experience. That's why I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you to make your suggestions, either below in the comments section or in the Suggestions post in the Worldwide forum. We really appreciate it if they are well detailed so that we can fully understand them. Just keep in mind that we have some 'megaprojects' announced in previous articles that were on standby until now ;)
At the same time, we expect as much feedback as possible regarding the interface, preferably in the Google Form we provided you earlier.


To conclude, we want to remind you a few things:


Day 72
- F1

Day 73
- Indy
- NASC Gold Cup
- World TCS
- TCS Europe
- Formula E
- Formula 2 World
- Moto 1

Day 74
- Indy Junior
- V8 Supercars
- World GT
- 911 Supercup
- Superb Formula
- Moto 2
- World Rally Series

Day 75
- F3 World
- Moto 3
- Moto E
- NASC Silver Cup
- World Rally Series 2
- Superbike World

Day 76
- F3 Continentals
- F3 Central European
- F4 Regionals
- TCS Regionals
- Moto 3 Junior
- World Rally Series 3
- World Rally Series Junior
- Superbike British & USA
- Rally Continentals

Day 77
- All remaining series not already mentioned

If you have not applied for any of the above for Season 54, then your driver will automatically be entered into the Rookie Series of their chosen path.


In case you want to help the game and have some advantages such as free Super License use as well as coin rewards for a job well done, we have a few vacancies in the MRC Team:
- Translators for Slovak, Slovenian, Romanian, Indonesian and Arabian languages.
- Community helper for the Russian community.
- Two socialmedia managers for Twitter and Instagram, one for Facebook and one for Reddit.

For the translator and community helper vacancies, you can contact the MRC Team Leader, beltmann.
For the social network positions, please send a private message to nicorz, leader of Social Media and Promotion.

by nicorz
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