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Changes for Season 50

Changes for Season 50

Wow, it's been a while since the first one :) keep reading to know more about some of the new things that are already available in the game.

We've made a few changes to each club's page. Previously each club's rating only contained that of 'club wars', but now total rating is divided into 'club wars rating' and 'club series rating'. Apart from this, in each club's menu, there is a new section called 'rating' where you will be able to see every rating gain that happened in the previous two seasons.

The rally system of our game as was implemented at the beginning is not ideal. With no real obstacles and almost useless driver employees, except codriver, the competition becomes soon kind of boring. Therefore we decided to bring more features and change the current system too. To sum up, the next things have been already implemented:

- The time penalty for low risks used will be much higher than the one we had until now.
- Time lost in a stage for any significant driver mistake will be higher than the effect of the same mistake on a normal race track.
- New car damage system which offers a variety of car parts that can get damaged, and all of those damages will be inherited to the following stages during that racing day. The damage can be caused by on-the-track or off-the-track hazards. All of these hazards can cause damage to predefined car parts.

Other improvements such as car repairs, puncture repairs during the stage, new racing systems and new season series will come to My Racing Career in the near future. For more detail on all of this, a new Tumblr blog article has been released.

All the following cars have had their fuel tank modified from the original 60L to 50L:
- Audi R8 GT3
- BMW M6 GT3
- Ferrari 488 GT3
- Ginetta G55 GT3
- Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO2
- Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020
- McLaren 720S GT3
- Porsche 911 GT3 R

This change should require at least 1 pitstop in DTWS races and will affect World GT season series' cars as well.

Apart from this, NASC Gold car models have been replaced by those from 'Next Gen' used from 2022 onwards in real life. That series' qualifying system has been changed as well: while qualifying sessions previously contained 1 attempt with 4 laps, now drivers can do 2 attempts with 1 lap and, in case the track is shorter, each attempt will contain 2 laps.

Google account functionality integrated within the game has been updated to a newer version which makes logging in easier if your MRC account is connected to a Google account.

Even though we already announced it two weeks ago, calendar changes have been made in the following series:
- We have updated the F1 and Moto calendars to the 2023 ones, including Miami, Las Vegas, Losail and the new Marina Bay for F1 and Sokol and Buddh for Moto series.
- NASC Gold and Indy are updated too, with the new Chicago and Detroit street tracks respectively.
- Formula E adds three new tracks in Cape Town, Anhembi and Hyderabad as well as updating Brooklyn.
- We’ve also made some minor changes to British and Hungarian F4.

As we also said in the previous article, the game's development is entering a new phase. This means we will start bringing much more constant updates every season (in some cases, much bigger than you might think). We are working on pretty huge things we can't wait to show you but for now, we can't do anything else than that, waiting :)


In case you want to help the game and have some advantages such as free Super License use as well as coin rewards for a job well done, we still have a few vacancies in the MRC Team:
- Translators for Slovenian, Mandarin Chinese, Belarussian, Romanian, Indonesian, Hindi and Greek languages.
- Community helper for the Russian community.
- Two socialmedia managers for Facebook, one for Instagram and one for Reddit.

For the translator and community helper vacancies, you can contact the MRC Team Leader, beltmann.
For the social network positions, please send a private message to nicorz, leader of Social Media and Promotion.

by nicorz
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