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Blog - My Racing Career Racing Clubs

My Racing Career Racing Clubs

The Racing Clubs are a new feature to the game. It creates opportunity for managers to group in teams formed by them regardless of their nationality, age or skill and create races against each other.

At the moment racing clubs are in BETA version, which means they look to be fully working, BUT some defects can be expected and will be fixed when reported. After BETA is closed all created clubs will stay in the game with all the cards and rating achieved. So it BETA does not mean we will start from the beginning when it ends.


At the beginning we will have simple club wars or challenges. There can be up to 4 clubs participating in one club war.

At first one club has to challenge 1-3 other clubs and nominate drivers. Other clubs have to accept the challenge and once all clubs agree, race is created. There is a club ranking which will be always updated based on the results of these races. Winner of the club war will be based on points earned by drivers for each club.

In the future there will also be Nations Cup type of races which means there will be only one driver per club and ranking will be based on the results the same way as in Nations Cup.

The Third category of races will be endurance races. There will be races like 24 hours in Le Mans created during the season. And drivers will be substituted during the race as you know it from this type of races in real life.


There are more types of cards.

  • car performance parts - parts with quality which affects attributes of club cars
  • car visual parts - parts which affect the look of the car but not the performance
  • boost cards - cards which affect driver performance and lowers the gap between good and bad drivers
  • upgrade cards - cards which can be used in card sets to exchange for better cards

Cards can be combined in Cards Sets and other cards can be gained in exchange.

Cards Expiration Date

Cards which affect the performance of the car better than bronze level have the expiration date. The expiration date is set when the card is used on the car for the first time and the card will last for next 6 weeks. Cards with expiration date cannot be used in Card Sets.

Card Purchase Limits

To avoid unlimited coins purchases which would grant pay for win principle there is a limit to purchase card packs.

Every user can purchase packages with a value equal to 200 activity points (voting points) or 100 coins per week. In addition to that, the club can purchase packages for its own coins.

Clubs with less than 16 members have a limit increased by 60 activity points for every member missing to 16.

Card Sets - Exchanging Cards

Every manager can use his own cards in Card Sets and exchange them for new cards. In addition to that Club Managers can use cards whioch belongs to the Club.

If card which belongs to the club is used in the Card Set, the exchanged cards will also belong to club, even if manager used also his own cards.

Cards you previously placed to Card Set, but never submited, so they are not exchanged, are still assigned to the card set. They must be removed from the set to be available for another use.


In the future, new cars will be available. Similar performance but different look.

We also plan to add Motorcycle vehicles for the clubs and separate ranking for cars and motorcycles.

LMS type cars will be available too, but only for usage in endurance races.
Cars can be built from cards owned by the club. Managers can give their own cards to the club. On manage car screen a star on a card means there is a card with higher quality available.


Besides to classic circuit races and motorcycle races we also plan to add option to create rally races with standard club cars.

Club Rating

Club rating is based on results in races but not all races gives winner same amount of rating points. If highly rated club wins against low rated one the winner gets significanlty less points than win over higher rated club.

After some time it will only make sense to race against clubs at about the same level.

Club Management

Club is managed by the Club Manager or his assistants.

by nicorz
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