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Blog - Formula 1 Future Introduction

Formula 1 Future Introduction

F1 has a long history at My Racing Career and the current system seems to be at the end of its road. Team managers found a way to optimize team management and the result is that there are too many teams with very competitive cars. Top teams are unlikely to make mistakes and lose their positions at the top of the rankings.

It seems like the only reasonable option to get at least temporary success is to save money and then use them all for one or two-season development. It seems like spending more money means having a better car.

There are some exceptions and some teams are able to slowly climb the ranks but in general, it seems too slow and too easy for top teams to maintain the top position.

We tried to make changes to the system to improve the game but it seems that it did not help much and sometimes changes led to the degradation of the system instead of improvement. A good example of such change is the new F1 engines system. Although it looks like the base idea is a big success for managers there is trouble with the supplier engines. The first trouble is with the engine's price while the second is with the quality of the engines because it was too hard to estimate how good would be newly built engines by the teams.

All these changes were just minor and I would call them the evolution of the system. But after long consideration, I decided to do a revolution this time. To rework the whole system. Change the financial system and also change the development of cars. And maybe also make it a little bit more realistic since real-life Formula 1 is also changing.

Key Features of the New System

Here are the key features of the new system. The details will be finalized and published in the following articles.

Know How Protection - team management decisions should be protected to the maximum to avoid other teams simply copying the team management strategy.

Costs Cap - team expenses for car development will be limited by a certain amount of money.

  • Remove the direct impact of team earnings on car quality
  • Top teams should not need to spend any coins
  • Bottom teams will have the option to fill the budget up to the costs cap for a reasonable amount of coins via share issue
  • Employee management, development analysis, and distribution of resources should dictate car quality and team success, instead of just the amount of money earned and spent on development
  • Other expenses will stay uncapped  to avoid teams focusing on development only and purchasing enough shares to fill the budget

Simplified Team Income - all the finances coming to the team should be more transparent and easier to understand

  • Simplified team income sources
  • New income type - merchandise sale
  • Share issue reworked (once per season, limited)

Car Development - base car development should produce parts of much lower quality while keeping margin to potential to allow teams fighting for the title to do more improvements.

  • Engines building to stay on the same system as now.
  • No independent engine suppliers but teams can supply other teams with their own built engines (under discussion at the moment)
  • Chassis and aero parts will have more complicated architecture.
  • Chassis development options - new from scratch or rework old chassis to work next season (penalty to car quality)
  • All mechanical parts will need to be developed by the teams except ECU and all of them will lose quality over seasons so they will need to be developed again or just improved from old seasons.
  • Employees will need more specialization - one specialized in chassis while another should be specialized in Engines.

Team Shareholders - this will be changed

  • Major and minor shareholders - some actions will not need minor shareholders' approval.
  • Share issue rework - the possibility to purchase shares for coins directly will be adjusted.

Other Changes

  • Qualification changes will be considered implemented if differences between top teams will be very small which means the random effect is too high. If differences between teams grow then we will keep the current season system.
  • Changes to rules regarding using loopholes. If a manager tries to use some new approach, he should ask the commissioner or creators whether it is legal. Commissioner decides to handle the issue.
by DebiK
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