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We use cookies to improve your game experience and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
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1 General Rules

  1. Ignorance of rules is not a reason
  2. Admin have the right to decide if a manager is breaking the rules or not.
  3. Punishments for breaking the rules are decided by admin.
  4. All situations which are not covered by these rules will be judged and resolved by admin.
  5. In case of misunderstandings because of various languages in the game, the valid language is English.

2 Game Rules

  1. The same person cannot have more than one account.
  2. A manager cannot try to take advantage by coins.
  3. If a manager finds a bug that can gain an advantage from while playing, then the manager has a duty to report it to Admn immediately.
  4. A manager cannot buy coins using another manager's account if it results in a manager receiving some special bonuses or referral provisions.
  5. A manager cannot manipulate race results intentionally.
  6. A manager cannot offer coins to another manager in exchange for help in manipulating race results.
  7. It is forbidden to dispute gamemasters decisions on public pages of the game.
  8. It is forbidden to use proxy, VPN or other tools which hide the real IP of a user. This is considered as cheating.

3 Formula 1 Rules

  1. It is allowed to have ownership share in one Formula 1 team and have a driver racing for another team, but it is not allowed to intentionally manipulate with results to help one or another team. In such case the creators (or delegated committee) have the right to investigate the case and have right to force the user to sell his ownership.
  2. It is forbidden to request a manager to become a fan of a Formula 1 team via private messages if the manager has been in the game less than 1 month or the manager is already a fan of the another Formula 1 team already.
  3. A manager who received shares as a gift should not sell them afterwards. If a manager goes ahead and sells these gifted shares, and a complaint is then made by the original owner of these shares, then measures will be taken.
  4. If a shareholder who received his/her shares as a gift becomes inactive, the original owner of these shares may request them back. This transfer costs 5 coins.

4 Promoting Rules

  1. A manager cannot ask some other people to register to the game several times using a referral link.

5 Forum Rules

  1. A manager is not permitted to use vulgar/swear/curse words on any part of the game site.
  2. A manager is not allowed to spam.
  3. A manager is responsible for his own actions against any laws.
  4. A manager is not allowed to offend other users.
  5. A manager is not allowed to advertise other sites unless it is strictly permitted by the creators.
  6. Every Formula 1 team can have it's own topic for their Fan Club on the International forum and one topic on the national forum.

6 Competition Rules

6.1 Best Press Release Writers

  1. A manager cannot win in two languages at the same round.
  2. To win the manager's press release, one has to have the best rating of that language when admins are rewarding press releases after application of rating deduction for winners of previous 4 rounds. Deduction is as follows: 50% for winner of last round, 30% deduction for winner 2 rounds ago, 20% deduction for winner 3 rounds ago and 10% deduction for winner 4 rounds ago.
  3. To win there must be at least 2 press releases from 2 unique managers, sometimes a good enough rating is not enough. There is exception to this rule available in exceptional cases.
  4. To win a manager's press release, it cannot be too short, it must be over 500 letters or over 100 words long.
  5. To win a manager's press release, it needs to have at least 3 likes.
  6. To win a manager's press release it cannot be translated using google translator or any other translating system.
  7. To win a manager cannot advertise his press release to managers if those managers do not speak the language that is used in that press release.
  8. A 'like' from a more experienced manager has a bigger influence on a press release rating than a 'like' from a novice.

7 Substitute Login

  1. Substitute Login allows user to leave control of his account to his friend for limited time.
  2. User who wants to set his substitute needs to be Superlicense holder.
  3. Substitute can login to User`s account for limited time only which is set to 21 days since first login. This is also called Substitute Login Window.
  4. After Substitute Login Window another Substitute login is possible after 30 days. This is also called Substitute Login Cooldown.
  5. User can close Substitute Login Window earlier than 21 days after first Substitute login. In such case Substitute Login Cooldown starts immediately.
  6. User can login to his account anytime during this Superlicense Login Window.

8 Possible Punishments

  1. Ban for manager's account
  2. Ban for manager's IP
  3. Ban for manager's Computer/Device
  4. Forum Ban.
  5. Private Messages Ban.

9 Activity Rewards

  1. Day of activity is based on MRC day. It starts and ends at 05:00AM of the Cental European Time, the same time as the MRC day ends. It is the same for all users.
  2. Missing an activity during the day and losing consecutive days playing stats cannot be replaced by the game administrators action.